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Through the late 1700s and through the 1800s, tweed textiles boomed from a region in Ireland known as Donegal County. The fabric from the region became known as “Donegal tweed” (note the upper case “d”) and came in various patterns. But perhaps the most popular was not a pattern at all — it was in fact a semi-solid fabric with irregular spots of color woven into the cloth, which became closely associated with the region and the fabric itself became known as “donegal tweed” — regardless of whether or not it sheared from sheep and woven in Donegal proper. 

The popularity of donegal tweed continues today in a modern context. This sport coat from Boglioli uses a washed donegal in a deep forest green with tiny flecks of blue and rust, which opens up possibilities for complimentary accessories. We recommend using items that pick up one of the fabric’s minor colors in some way, such as a rust wool pocket square, a multi-colored patchwork exotic leather belt or or a wool-silk tie. 

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Your Frida : )

Your Frida : )